Smokybrown Cockroach Picture And Description And Cockroach Identification

smokybrown cockroach picture

Smokybrown cockroaches are related to the American cockroach but can be distinguished by their smaller size, a little over 1 inch long and uniform mahogany color. Both males and females have wings longer than their bodies. The nymphs have long antennae that are white at the tip.

Females lay a dark brown or black egg capsule that contains about 24 eggs. Each female smokybrown cockroach produces about 17 capsules that are usually glued to a surface but sometimes can be seen lying around. The smokybrown cockroaches life span is shorter than that of the American cockroach. The smokybrown cockroach can live 200 to 300 days under room temperature.

The smokeybrown cockroach is somewhat restricted in its distribution across the United States. It is common throughout Texas and eastward along the Gulf coast. It can be found throughout Florida and up the eastern seaboard and may be present in some areas of southern California. It is only found in the northern United States when it is brought in.

The smokybrown cockroach normally feeds on plant material but will feed on almost anything other cockroaches feed on. It can be found in gutters, attics and other areas around the home


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