Brownbanded Cockroach Picture And Description And Cockroach Identification

brownbanded cockroach picture

The brownbanded cockroach is one of the smaller cockroaches about 1/2 inch long. It is light brown and can be distinguished from the German cockroach by to lighter transverse bands running from one side to the other. The bands may be irregular or broken and are more apparent on the young and females than the males. Both the male and female brownbanded cockroach are quite active and the adult male my fly when disturbed. All stages of the brownbanded cockroach may jump when trying to escape. You will normally find the brownbanded cockroach in the same buildings as the German cockroach. Due to these two cockroaches looking almost the same, mis-identification is possible. The female has a broader body than the male.

The female brownbanded cockroach carries her egg capsule for a day or two and then attaches it to a protected surface. The egg capsule is purse shaped, light brown in color , and cemented in place, usually to the side or under surfaces of infested objects. Females will produce about 14 egg capsules during their adult life, each containing about 18 eggs. The eggs will hatch in about 50 to 75 days. Nymphs mature in about 160 days. Adults can live up to 10 months.

The brownbanded cockroach can be found high on ceilings or walls, behind pictures, near motors of refrigerators and other appliances. They can also be found in closets, furniture and light fixtures. The brownbanded cockroach does no require as close an association to moisture and the German cockroach. This is why they are found in rooms other than the kitchen and bathroom. The brownbanded cockroach does not like light and is not normally seen during the day.

The brownbanded cockroach likes starchy materials but it can be found feeding on almost anything.

The brownbanded cockroach as well as the German cockroach can be transported in furniture and will rapidly spread throughout a building or home. There are many in the southern states but have been found as far north as Canada. In the cooler northern states they are generally found in the warmer parts of buildings.


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