Cockroach Be Gone - A Complete Guide To Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches


Cockroaches have been around for years and years. It was once said, if there were a nuclear attack, cockroaches would survive. Although some people have more than others, the purpose of this report is to help you distinguish between the many types of cockroaches and ridding your home of these unsightly creature

There are basically 5 different types of cockroaches that may enter our homes and can be distinguished by their size and markings. I will be discussing all 5 and the remedies to rid your home of each and every one.

There are many ways to extinguish your home of cockroaches. Some people have their own home remedies. Depending on whom you may seek advise from, each company or each individual may have their own ideas. Some companies use powders, some use sprays and some use baits and some use a combination of all three. There is even something known as IPM which stands for “integrated pest management”. IPM involves many things which I will be discussing later.

Types of Cockroaches

The Large Cockroaches

The Smaller Cockroaches


Take a look at the following pictures to get a good idea to what each cockroach looks like. Take into consideration, these are not the original sizes.

American Cockroach

american cockroach


Smoky Brown Cockroach

smokybrown cockroach