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There are five basic types of cockroaches that enter our homes. Cockroach identification is very important in cockroach control.

Two products that are essential in getting rid of cockroaches that I personally recommend are Combat Roach Killing Gel and boric acid powder or Maxforce Magnum roach bait. To learn how to use these 2 products in conjunction with each other find out how you can get rid of your cockroaches.

Types of Cockroaches That Enter Our Homes

American Cockroach

American CockroachThe American Cockroach is probably the largest of all five. The American cockroach has a yellow band across its head and is probably the largest of all the common species. As an adult it is about 1 to 1 and 1½ inches long. Its color is reddish brown with a pale brown or yellow border. As you can see from the photo it has a yellow band across its head. Both sexes have well developed wings but the males wings extend beyond the abdomen.

The female American Cockroach drops her egg capsule about a day after it is formed. This egg capsule can be dropped near a food source or other protected area. In the southern United States this egg capsule can be found in a moist area near decaying wood. The egg capsule may be glued to a suitable surface with secretions from the female's mouth. Egg capsules are formed at about 1 per week until about 15 to 90 capsules are produced. Each capsule can contain about 14 to 20 eggs. More on the American cockroach

Smokybrown Cockroach

Smoky Brown CockroachThe smoky brown cockroach can be just a little smaller than the American Cockroach and is a dark brown or Mahoney in color. Smokybrown cockroaches are related to the American cockroach but can be distinguished by their smaller size, a little over 1 inch long and uniform mahogany color. Both males and females have wings longer than their bodies. The nymphs have long antennae that are white at the tip.

The smokybrown cockroach normally feeds on plant material but will feed on almost anything other cockroaches feed on. It can be found in gutters, attics and other areas around the home. More about the smokybrown cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental CockroachThe Oriental cockroach is about the size of the smokey brown cockroach or maybe just a little smaller and is a dark brown or black. The oriental cockroach can be found in high moisture areas such as sewers and damp basements. They are usually located below ground level indoors. You probably won't find them on walls or high in cupboards or on the upper floors of buildings.

Oriental cockroaches feed on all kinds of filth and other decaying organic matter. They can live for about a month without food but only about 2 weeks without water. In cold weather you will probably find the migrating indoors. More about the Oriental Cockroach

German Cockroach

German CockroachGerman cockroaches can become an enormous problem if something is not done to control them. Did you know that one German cockroach egg capsule can contain 20 to 40 small baby cockroaches when hatched.

The German cockroach is the most persistant cockroach found in the United States. The reason for this, and the reason this cockroach multiplies so quickly is that the egg capsule is carried during is complete life cycle. The German cockroach only releases the egg capsule when the babies are ready to emerge, thus increasing the life cycle of the German cockroach. Most other cockroaches paste their egg capsule to a surface which makes it vulnerable to environmental conditions and other predators thus reducing their life expectancy.

German cockroaches normally live inside as opposed to the American cockroaches and the other large cockroaches that live outside and come inside for food and shelter. The German cockroach is usually brought into your home in a grocery sack or some other way. Lets say you know someone that has German cockroaches in their home, or maybe you don't know that they have them. They come to visit you and boom, you have a house full of cockroaches. German cockroaches as with other types of cockroaches can be brought in in boxes, purses, clothing, furniture (especially used furniture) or anything else. More about the German cockroach

Brownbanded Cockroach

Brownbanded CockroachThe brownbanded cockroach is one of the smaller cockroaches about 1/2 inch long. It is light brown and can be distinguished from the German cockroach by to lighter transverse bands running from one side to the other. The bands may be irregular or broken and are more apparent on the young and females than the males. Both the male and female brownbanded cockroach are quite active and the adult male my fly when disturbed. All stages of the brownbanded cockroach may jump when trying to escape. You will normally find the brownbanded cockroach in the same buildings as the German cockroach. Due to these two cockroaches looking almost the same,mis-identification is possible. The female has a broader body than the male. More about the brownbanded cockroach

Asian Cockroach

Asian cockroaches are almost identical to German cockroaches and have spread to infest the southeastern United States. The Asian cockroach infests yards and outdoor areas around homes, unlike the German cockroach which normally infests indoors only. The Asian cockroaches are good flyers and will enter into homes readily, especially in the late afternoon and early evening when you are enjoying your leisurely time.

Asian cockroaches are very susceptible to most pesticides. Granular baits are very effective outdoors. Perimeter treatments of homes are not very effective because Asian cockroaches are good flyers and can fly 120 feet or more and infest lawns and wooded areas.

What Cockroaches Eat and Their Health Hazards

Cockroaches will eat almost anything, from book bindings, paper, food and even human flesh. Did you know that doctors in some inner city areas report that one-half of the foreign objects they remove from children's ears are cockroaches and that Cockroaches have been identified as a common cause of asthma. Health experts say inhalation of cockroach feces and body fragments, particularly among inner-city children, has resulted in an explosion of asthma cases in the past two decades. It is believed that the cockroach may be a carrier for a range of bacteria, including salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

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